What will the study involve?

On a 4-6 monthly basis you and your partner will be asked to:

  • Complete a questionnaire on sexual behaviour (both partners)
  • Have an HIV test (negative partner)

The first clinic visit

The first visit is attended by both partners. It can take up to an hour to complete. It is a chance to go through study requirements with the researcher. There is also the opportunity for both partners to ask any questions.

Couples will sign consent forms and complete baseline questionnaires. The negative partner will have a baseline HIV test. The researcher will access the most recent blood results of the positive partner. The positive partner will not need bloods taken at the study follow-up visits. It is optional whether they attend subsequently with their negative partner.

The follow-up clinic visits

Subsequent 4-6 monthly follow-up visits are much shorter. It is often only the negative partner that attends for a HIV test. 6 monthly follow-up questionnaires (for both partners) are emailed or sent to couples. These are to be completed in advance of the follow-up visit. The negative partner can bring completed questionnaires with him to his appointment.

Other information

The study questionnaires are self-completed and confidential. They will not be seen by anyone at your clinic. Researchers coordinating the study will only see a number, not your name.

If the negative partner becomes positive during the study, both partners will provide blood samples. These will anonymously compare both viruses. This means neither you nor your partner will get these test results.

To join the study or for further information please contact:

Tina Bruun, European coordinator: email- Tina.Bruun.01@regionh.dk

Tom Robinson, UK research assistant: email- tom.robinson2@nhs.net